Tinget Company is one of the largest manufacturers of medical equipment in the world. We specialize in designing and building steam sterilizers that we have created since 1990 for many well known brands that are present in global markets.
    By combining our passion with excellence and experience, in 2002 we created our own brand Tinget. From the very beginning of its existence, the priority of what motivates us every day, is to find the way to the ideal, which combine the latest technology with attractive price. Our engineers therefore benefit not only from own experience, but also from the assistance of independent research institutes in China, USA and Germany, where our products are tested before they undergo the verification of granting CE certificate.

    Through global cooperation, we can now boast a brand Tinget presence on all continents. This success, however, obliges and motivates us to further work on improving the standards set by the market. Therefore, we can face the challenge of competition and the standards imposed by the certification bodies to sterilize equipment. Thus, as one of the few manufacturers of autoclaves in the world, we have built a device that can sterilize liquids, which echoed in the pharmaceutical environment, science and food. Improvements to existing models, introduced to the Class N autoclaves function of drying batches, leveling the same class with the class S N we filled a niche sterilizing long tools, providing an elongated chamber of the sterilizer.We have adjusted our second-generation products, the requirements of the Western European market, giving them a stable Atmel, and digital recording of sterilization processes. We are working on devices for vertical sterilization , and beds for hospitals, clinics and large health care centres, which involves the construction of autoclaves with a capacity of 100 liters chamber. Coming soon our range of autoclaves will fill the third generation, referring to the latest trends in styling and technology.
    To thank you for the trust you have placed in us for five years, we are launching  preferential purchasing program of theTinget brand across Europe from 07.01.2012 to 31.12.2012. Buy our products from 07.01.2012 to 31.12.2012 in order to obtain an attractive stay in an appartement in a three-star hotel in Paphos in Cyprus.

The program includes:

 1.  Tinget dental unit equipped with a set of bits in the packet NSK Class B autoclave with a capacity of 18 - 23 liters of a new generation of ultrasonic washer, and distilled water - a week's stay for four people.

2.  Tinget dental unit equipped with a set of terminals Stories - a week's stay for two people.

3.  STE 24L autoclave class B (new generation), distilled water sealer printer 300EUR ultrasonic cleaner - a week's stay for two people.

 4.  Autoclave STE 18, or 23L (new generation) 500EUR - a week's stay for two people

 5.  Autoclave STE 12, or 16L (new generation) 650EUR - a week's stay for two people. 

6.  STE autoclave 8L (new generation) 800EUR - a week's stay for two people.

Terms & Conditions

 1. The subject of the promotion is staying in the apartment the three star hotel in the town of Hilltop Paphos in Cyprus.
 2. Date of stay is determined individually, according to purchased above mentioned Tinget's promotional sets.
 3. Your stay includes tickets for the trip participants, and 2 x hand luggage (10kg each) and 1 x checked baggage (15kg). Departures are held every Monday and Friday from Airport. John Paul II in Krakow.
  4. An offer doesn't include transfers to and from the airport and to and from the hotel.
  5. Your stay does not include the costs of food, and the use of air conditioners available in the apartment (5 € / day).
  6. The buyer does not participate in the draw, the prize is guaranteed if you buy one of the above mentioned products.
  7. Conditions of promotion are available at the official resellers of the Tinget brand.

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